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Classic Shakes

The shakes you all know and LOVE!

Healthy & delicious meal replacement 

200-250 Calories 

24-27g Plant Based Protein

5-10g Sugar 

15g Net Carbs

24 Vitamins and Minerals

Loaded Teas

24 Calories 

No Sugar

4 Carbs 

Green, Black and Oolong Tea for Energy and Metabolism boost. 

Ginseng and Guarana for

Focus and Mental Alertness. 

Loaded with Vitamin C, B6, and B12. 

Aloe for digestion and absorption.

Specialty Drinks

Energy Drink with added Protein for a Healthy Snack. 

Collagen and Bioten 

105-109 Calories 

17g of Whey Protein

No Sugar 

9 Carbs

Naked Shakes

Protein and Vitamin Mix only

No added ingredients or toppings

200 Calories 

24g Protein

5-10g Sugar 

15g Net Carbs 

24 Vitamins and Minerals

Select Shakes

200 Calories 

25g Protein 

9g Sugar 

11g Net Carbs 

20 Vitamins and Minerals

No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors 

No Dairy, Vegan Certified 

Rice, Pea and Quinoa Protein

Post Workout Shakes

Whey and Cassein Protein



Options with no artificial sweetners and flavors. 

Protein Iced Coffee

Low Carb, Low Sugar and

Low Calories. 

15g whey protein
80mg caffeine
2.5 g of fat


Story of the Elephant

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